Below you will find our current inventory of available mermaid tails. We are always adding new tails to the collection based on the demands of particular sizes! If you need a size that is currently not listed below, please contact me directly prior to booking a session.
Please Note: Adult tails typically do NOT have a matching top. Due to the size range variations, it is difficult to provide tops with these tails. All adult mermaid sessions need to arrive already wearing a top. You can view the tails below to accommodate colors. Solid color tops are usually best!

Tail Selection: You will be matched with a tail in your size for your session. These tails vary in material and will vary in fit. For example, If you state that you are a size 8, you will likely fit some of the tails in sizes 6, 8 and 10. If there is a particular tail you wish to use, please contact me prior to booking your session so that I can make a best effort to accommodate. I often use multiple of the same size during mini sessions and your favorite could be used before your session.  


Why are mini sessions non-refundable if I cancel?

Mini sessions have very limited availability. Once you book your session, it blocks out the chance for someone else to book that time slot. Money is also spent on these sessions to accommodate the individual needs of each client. When these sessions are cancelled they are often not able to be refilled within the given time frame before the session. The photographer is required to be at the location for the session time whether the client shows up or not. We do our best to accommodate the needs of the client in the case that an emergency comes up but we are not always guaranteed to be able to work around every situation. You are always welcome to gift/transfer your session to someone else. If a session is transferred to someone else, I require a 72 hour notice of change to insure I have the correct sizing available for the new partisapant.

Are props included in our session?

Limited props are sometimes included in your session but not always. We will include a limited selection of mermaid themed jewelry that you may choose from as well as a fisherman's net that we sometimes use in these photoshoots. While we keep our prop selection very limited, you are always welcome to bring and include anything you would like in your photos. 

How should my child or I do our makeup and/or hair?

Any way you would like! We have a few clients arrive in full mermaid style makeup and hair and we love it, but most don't choose to do that. Both are perfectly okay and welcomed! No matter which route you decide you go, you will have beautiful photos.

Why do you only take 10 photos in 30 minutes?

I actually will only be taking photos for about 10-15 minutes of your session. Keep in mind, you have to take the time to get ready for your session as well as get back into your normal clothing afterwards. I will not only be taking 10 photos but will edit and upload the best 10 for your album. 

Why do I need to bring a towel and wear bathing suit bottoms?

You will be changing into your mermaid attire on the beach. We will not be close enough to a restroom for you to change in private. Even if we were close to a restroom, you will be unable to walk once in your mermaid tail. Please make sure your small children are also wearing bathing suit bottoms. Even the small kiddos are uncomfortable changing for everyone to see when they aren't wearing the bathing suit underneath.